Dragon Party Animal


Don’t forget to choose your colors!

Select your colors in the different quantities below – primary, secondary and accent colors! REMEMBER, in order to make them shiny and food safe you will return this item to the studio for its final kiln-fire!  Any areas you don’t paint will come out shiny and white.



Only 2 left in stock

Primary project color

Pick your main project color. You will receive one- 1oz container which will provide enough glaze for 3 coats on this project.

Secondary color (optional)

You’ll receive 1/2 oz container of this color. If you do not need amount or color selection you can choose NONE.

Accent Color 1 (optional)

You’ll receive 1/2 accessory container of this color. If you don’t need more paint then choose NONE.

Accent Color 2 (optional)

You’ll receive 1/2 accessory container of this color. If you don’t need more paint then choose NONE.

Need a little black & white for detail?

If you are painting an animal or other figurine with facial features would you like us to include a small bit of BLACK & WHITE for details?

How about brushes. Do you need them?

Sorry, brushes are unavailable right now and you will need your own.

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ART AT HOME To Go kits are the perfect option for you to paint and create at home.

Just order your kit and we will contact you to arrange curbside pick up or delivery.  When completed, return the pieces and brushes when you are able in our drop off bin!  Once pieces are dropped off, we will contact you when they are fired and ready for pick up.  CURBSIDE PICKUP and HOME DELIVERY is available too for surrounding towns.  Your pickup and delivery options will be shown on checkout.

How does this work?

  1. Choose your item & colors and add it to your TO-GO order.
  2. Enjoy painting pottery at home and use the paint given to add your name or initials
  3. Return your pieces and brushes to us to have them kiln-fired where we make it super-shiny and FOOD SAFE!
You’ll be working with real, 100% NON-TOXIC POTTERY PAINT!  Do not mix other paints you may have or for other projects with the pottery paint as it will not work properly when fired.  It is also best to keep the paints and brushes separate for acrylics and ceramics, so try not to mix up your brushes from home either.
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